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What Is BeaconKit

BeaconKit is a modular and customizable consensus layer for Ethereum based blockchains.


BeaconKit introduces an innovative framework that utilizes the Cosmos-SDK to create a flexible, customizable consensus layer tailored for Ethereum-based blockchains. The framework offers the most user-friendly way to build and operate an EVM blockchain, while ensuring a functionally identical execution environment to that of the Ethereum Mainnet.

First there was EVM Compatibility; next, EVM Equivalence; and now with BeaconKit, EVM Identicality.

Check out repository at Official BeaconKit's Gitub.

Why BeaconKit?

With Berachain V1 (Using Polaris), the chain was a tightly coupled EVM execution with Cosmos consensus integrated into a single binary. With the extreme transaction volumes the Berachain V1 testnet experienced, it became apparent that this approach would not scale.

BeaconKit provides a modular building block granting single-slot finality through the CometBFT consensus algorithm. Developers can use BeaconKit to run any EVM execution client implementing the EngineAPI.

Polaris vs BeaconKit

Polaris vs BeaconKit

Supported Execution Clients

In the base implementation, BeaconKit supports any of the Ethereum execution clients available today. Indeed, Berachain's V2 testnet supports all 6 major Ethereum execution clients:

  • Geth: Official Go implementation of the Ethereum protocol.
  • Erigon: More performant, feature-rich client forked from go-ethereum.
  • Nethermind: .NET based client with full support for Ethereum protocols.
  • Besu: Enterprise-grade client, Apache 2.0 licensed, written in Java.
  • Reth: Rust-based client focusing on performance and reliability.
  • Ethereumjs: Javascript based client managed by the Ethereum Foundation.

This architecture allows for Ethereum dapp developers to seamlessly integrate on Berachain.

Modularity Benefits

It is not necessary that the above execution clients be used (despite serving as a logical starting point for Berachain). The modularity of BeaconKit also empowers innovations in the execution clients to be easily incorporated in the future, as long as they implement the Engine API.

This allows BeaconKit to focus on providing an optimal consensus building block, allowing EVM and execution research to continue independently, whilst still being able to leverage these enhancements.

Running a Local Development Network

For information on running Berachain locally, please refer to Run a Node.