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Berachain Governance

Governance on Berachain is dictated by $BGT token voting. Berachain's governance mechanism is styled after OpenZeppelin's Governance module.

The Berachain governance module has a wide scope of powers, including control over:

  • PoL asset whitelisting (e.g. new staking assets, whitelisting incentive assets)
  • $HONEY minting parameters (e.g. eligible collateral assets, minting rates)
  • Native dApp governance (e.g. changes to Bend's interest rate model)
    • Berps
    • Bend
    • Bex

Proposal Lifecycle

The lifecycle of a governance proposal is simple:

  1. A proposal is created
  2. A waiting period occurs (6 hours), after which a snapshot of token holdings is taken
  3. The vote begins, lasting for 6 hours
  4. A majority vote over quorum triggers the proposed changes after a 6 hour timelock

Governance Flow

$BGT Voting

$BGT token balances in users' wallets are used to determine voting power: 1 $BGT = 1 vote

Therefore, the more $BGT one holds, the more governance power they hold in the Berachain ecosystem. $BGT holders are able to delegate their voting power to arbitrary addresses.

On the bArtio testnet, governance is currently conducted on Tally.