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Berachain implements a flexible pool type where different swap paradigms such as x*y=k, weighted pools, and more are supported. All pools adhere to a pool interface to interact such that the module implementation will work for each.

Creating Pools

Anyone is able to create a new pool on the BEX as this is a permissionless process. When creating a pool in the BEX, the creator will need to create and provide the liquidity to start the initial pool. In order to create the pool, the creator will first need to determine what Pool Type they'd like to use.

Create a Pool

Current Pool Types

Balanced Pool Type

This pool type features a weighted pool of assets. In order to create it the following options must be configured:

  • Token set
  • Between 2-8 tokens in the pool
  • Initial liquidity
    • Provided by the creator of the pool
  • The weights of each token in the pool
  • The fee paid to liquidity providers during swaps