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What is Berachain? 🐻⛓️

Berachain is a high-performance EVM-Identical Layer 1 (L1) blockchain utilizing Proof-of-Liquidity (PoL) as a consensus mechanism, and built on top of a modular evm-focused consensus client framework named BeaconKit.

Berachain EVM Identical ⟠

Berachain is identical to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) runtime environment with regards to the execution layer. This means that it uses existing unmodified execution clients like Geth, Reth, Erigon, and more to handle executing smart contracts, and supports all the tooling that comes native with the EVM.

Identical means that whenever the EVM is forked or updated, Berachain can adopt the latest version—for example, Dencun—without any modifications, straight out of the box.

Proof-of-Liquidity 🤝

Proof-of-Liquidity is a consensus mechanism that establishes a framework to reward ecosystem liquidity that contributes to efficient trading, price stability, securing the chain, and increasing the network/user growth.

This framework makes it possible to strongly align the incentives of key stakeholders / PoL participants (validator, protocols, users) and contributes to the overall long-term health of the chain.

Implementations of this framework include native dApps such as BEX, Bend, and Berps.

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BeaconKit ⛵✨

BeaconKit is a modular framework developed by Berachain for building EVM consensus clients. It integrates the benefits of the Cosmos SDK, including increased composability, single slot finality (SSF), and more.

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