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Connecting to Berachain

To start using Berachain, join the testnet below.

Add the network in One Click

Click the button below to add the network to your MetaMask in one click.

Add the Network Manually

To add the network manually, insert the network details below into your wallet of choice:

NetworkBerachain bArtio
Chain ID
Currency symbol
Block Explorer URL

RPC Providers

See our RPC partners under Developer Tools.


NOTE: Berachain WebSocket connections are available through our RPC partners

What is a Testnet?

Testnet is an additional blockchain network that runs separately from the Mainnet blockchain and is a test environment that has no economic value associated with the tokens in it

What is a Testnet Used for?

  • Creating your test address and getting test funds
  • Developing applications to ensure they work properly prior to deploying them on mainnet
  • Testing applications against new upgrades to the Berachain network prior to them being released on mainnet


What is a Mainnet?

Mainnet is used to describe when a blockchain protocol is fully developed and deployed, meaning that cryptocurrency transactions are being broadcasted, verified, and recorded on a distributed ledger technology (blockchain).

Berachain mainnet can be used for deploying applications & NFTs on the Berachain blockchain and perform real transactions. Since this is a real network, you will need to purchase real BERA tokens to interact with the network.


Berachain mainnet is not out yet 👀