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Community Developer Guides

These are a list of community developer guides for Berachain.


Project NameGit Repository
Create HelloWorld Contract Using Hardhat & ViemGitHub
Hardhat Ethers6 Contract VerificationGitHub
Hardhat Ethers6 ERC1155GitHub


Project NameGit Repository
Create ERC20 Contract Using FoundryGitHub
Bridging ERC20 Tokens to Berachain with LayerZero V2GitHub


Project NameGit Repository
NextJS WalletConnect WAGMI + Viem Frontend Contract DeploymentGitHub


Project NameGit Repository
Deploy HelloWorld Contract With Ethers6 & solcGitHub
Deploy HelloWorld Contract With Viem & solcGitHub
Berps Trading BotGitHub
Index & Query Berachain Data with GoldskyGitHub