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Berachain Governance

Berachain's governance adopts the same on-chain proposals and voting as the Cosmos SDK governance module.


Proposals are usually proposed functionality that would be applied to validators, whitelisted pools, whitelisted token, and more. This functionality borrows from the Cosmos SDK governance module and allows for proposals and voting to be done onchain.

Proposals can also be viewed and created through BGT Station.

There are 4 different types of proposals

  1. Text Proposals - Proposals that don't have automatic functionality implemented when are passed
  2. Gauge Proposals - Where new liquidity providers are whitelisted to allow validators to choose them for accepting BGT emissions
  3. Collateral Proposal - Where new tokens are whitelisted and mapped to Honey are available to trade through the BEX
  4. Market Proposal - Tokens that are wrapped can be proposed for trade in the BEX

BGT Station Governance


Validators and delegators can vote on proposals that can change preset parameters of the system automatically (such as the block gas limit), coordinate upgrades, as well as vote on amendments to the human-readable constitution that govern the policies of Berachain. The constitution allows for cohesion among the stakeholders on issues such as theft and bugs, allowing for quicker and cleaner resolution.

This precompile allows you to handle all actions related to Berachain's governance. The functions allow you to:

  • Create / get / cancel proposals
  • Vote on proposals

This is useful when your protocol / DAO needs to programmatically make governance decisions related to Proof of Liquidity. For example, proposals to make new LPs eligible for BGT emissions in the Native BEX.